Episode 03: Land Banks and the Vacant Property Problem

Vacant properties encourage crime, create safety hazards, and erode pride in communities.  In this episode, we talk with the President of the New York Land Bank Association to discuss what the land bank solution to vacant properties is and what financing challenges exist for land banks and their property buyers.  Anyone interested in creative solutions to the vacant properties issue should listen below or on iTunes to learn more.

Today’s Guest:

Adam Zaranko is President of the New York Land Bank Association and the Executive Director of the Albany County Land Bank Corporation, a non-profit organization committed to revitalizing neighborhoods and strengthening communities through the reclamation of tax foreclosed, vacant or abandoned real estate.

Mr. Zaranko has experience in economic development, strategic planning, asset management, and transportation planning and policy. Prior to joining the Land Bank, Adam worked for the City of New York, serving for more than a decade in a variety of capacities under two mayoral administrations. Most recently, Adam was a Senior Policy Advisor in the NYC Mayor’s Office where he managed a diverse project portfolio in support of the City’s $20 billion climate resiliency program and helped lead the creation of the City’s comprehensive strategic plan, OneNYC. Before joining the Mayor’s Office, Adam was a Vice President in the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s Asset Management group where he managed multiple portfolios comprised of City-owned retail, waterfront and transportation assets.
Mr. Zaranko holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University, a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from SUNY Buffalo and an Associate’s degree in Civil Engineering from Hudson Valley Community College.

Resources Related to This Episode:

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Center for Community Progress: http://www.communityprogress.net/land-bank-headquarters-pages-446.php

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