Episode 07 – Topics in Underwriting

Peter Schaeffing, President of High Impact Financial Analysis, discusses topics in underwriting in this week’s podcast.  The episode offers lessons to newer underwriters and reminders that will help more experienced underwriters stay sharp.  Specific topics include leasehold mortgages (starting at the 1:25 mark), financial analysis of consolidated organizations (5:28), pension plans (8:30), and underwriting low income housing tax credit projects (13:49). We encourage you to reach out to discuss these topics in depth or to ask any other underwriting questions you have.  Get in touch through this website or by emailing analysis@highimpactanalysis.com.

Today’s Guest:

Peter Schaeffing

Peter Schaeffing is the founder and president of High Impact Financial Analysis, the firm that brings you the Impact Lenders Podcast.  Peter started High Impact in June 2014 and in combination with the High Impact team has grown the company to serve over 40 impact lenders around the country.  He is an experienced underwriter in complex financing structures including new markets tax credits, low income housing tax credits, qualified school construction bonds, and other subsidized transactions.  He is on the board of the South End Improvement Corporation in Albany, NY and previously served as Finance Chair on the board of Greater Brunswick Charter School from 2012-2015.

Resources Related to This Episode:

GASB 68: https://gasb.org/jsp/GASB/Pronouncement_C

Novogradac & Company Rent & Income Limit Calculator: https://www.novoco.com

Acronyms Used in This Episode:

CDFI – Community Development Financial Institutions.  Private institutions that focus their lending and investing activities on markets that are underserved by the traditional finance industry, including communities of color, economically disadvantaged communities, and others.

LTV: Loan-to-value ratio. The amount of a loan divided by the value of the collateral.

LIHTC: Low Income Housing Tax Credit.  A tax credit program offered by the federal government and some states that is designed to attract private equity to affordable housing developments.

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