Episode 16 – An Entrepreneur’s Take on CDFIs

Sometimes it seems like everyone in the CDFI industry knows each other, and that many of us have been committed to the industry for our whole careers. Our guest on this episode is not one of those familiar faces. Jim McSherry is a career entrepreneur and, for two years, took over lending operations at the Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation with the mandate to restart microlending and put the program on a sustainable, positive trajectory. His outsider perspective and diverse life experiences allow him to give us a fresh perspective on the CDFI industry in this episode, along with a host of compelling ideas for microlenders and others to pursue.

About Our Guest:

Jim McSherry most recently served as the Economic Development Director at Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation in Boston, where he led the organization’s microlending program. He previously founded and for 20 years served as CEO of Enquiron, a national legal services technology company, after founding and operating a real estate consultancy for 12 years prior to that.

Resources Related to This Episode:

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corp: https://dbedc.org/economic-development/loans/

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