Episode 19 – Coming to a City Near You: CDFI Friendly America

CDFIs strive to deploy capital where it is most needed.  Nevertheless, a lot of smaller and midsize cities are left without a CDFI to serve them, even as larger CDFIs seek to continue to grow their markets.  After observing this gap, Mark Pinsky, former CEO of the Opportunity Finance Network, decided to develop a solution.  The result: CDFI Friendly America, a new firm led by Mark and long-time CDFI consultant Adina Abramowitz.  CDFI Friendly America has developed a framework to help small cities connect to CDFIs who can serve them. Learn more about their unique approach and how it could serve a city near you on this episode of the Impact Lenders Podcast.

About Our Guests:

Mark Pinsky developed the CDFI Friendly model and is Founding Partner of CDFI Friendly America. He is a noted strategist, author, and advisor on public purpose finance. In 2019, he co-authored Organized Money with Keith Mestrich (available here). He is a leader in the CDFI industry, having served as the CEO of the Opportunity Finance Network and playing key roles in transformational industry innovations ranging from the CDFI Fund to the equity equivalent investment product and the AERIS Ratings System.

Adina Abramowitz is an independent organizational consultant with broad expertise in community development finance.  In addition to being Managing Director at CDFI Friendly America, she is the President of Consulting for Change, a consulting practice specializing in maximizing the impact, market responsiveness, and efficiency of nonprofit organizations. Her past experience includes running a CDFI in Camden, NJ and founding the consulting practice at the Opportunity Finance  Network.

Get in touch with Mark and Adina at info@cdfifriendlyamerica.com.

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