Episode 20 – Tapping Corporate Treasury to Capitalize CDFIs

CDFIs have long relied on a few mainstays for capitalization–banks, foundations, and the CDFI Fund. Recently, though, we have started to see increased investment interest from non-bank corporations. Today’s episode profiles one of the CDFIs that has been doing this the longest and with the most success, as demonstrated by a high-profile $50 million investment from Google last year. Understanding how CDFIs can work with non-bank partners to receive meaningful investments, and not just small grants, may be a critical new tool in the industry’s toolbox.

About Our Guest:

Julie Quinn has worked at Housing Trust Silicon Valley since 2010 and has served as Chief Development Officer since April 2019. In this position, she is responsible for raising capital for lending, fundraising for operating and program support, as well as events and marketing. Prior to this role she worked as Multifamily Senior Loan Officer, where she was responsible for implementation of the Housing Trust’s multifamily lending activities including program development, origination and underwriting of over $30 million in loans. Julie has 15 years of experience in community lending, affordable housing development and program and portfolio administration. She is also on the City of San Jose Housing and Community Development Commission. Julie holds a Master’s Degree in urban planning from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, San Diego.

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Housing Trust’s Website: https://housingtrustsv.org/

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