Upcoming Episodes

Episode 06: Thoughts on Charter School Lending
Release Date: June 27

We attended the National Charter Schools Conference in Austin, Texas and spoke with some of the leaders of the charter school financing sector.  Interviews include discussions on the trends and risks shaping the industry today.  Tune in to learn from the people who work in the field day-in and day-out to ensure worthy charter schools get the financing they need to deliver on their educational promise.

Episode 07: Johan Matthews on Developing Impact Investors as a Source of Capital
Release Date: July 11

Johan Matthews is a self-identified millennial who wants to mobilize his peers and people of all ages to invest in the work of community loan funds.  In this episode, Johan will discuss his work as he helps develop the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region’s impact investor program.  His struggles with an ageing investor base, marketing to new members of the community, and building a narrative for his institution will sound familiar to many, but his thoughtful approach and fresh perspective will get even the most experienced development director thinking in new ways.

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